About us

Siddiqiqah Soharwardiyah Trust is a non-profit registered UK based and abroad charity organization, working to relief poverty, natural disaster and to provide quality education to the less fortunate. Our team works throughout the year to serve communities to facilitate them with healthcare, education, ration packs and live hood.
Siddiqiqah Soharwardiyah Trust has saved hundreds of lives and will continue providing safe water to drink in the region where hepatitis has reached thousands of people. We aim to provide Free education to children who were unable to study. Our mission is to serve the humanity as a global humanitarian to provide water, food and education.

What we do?

We are on a mission to Solve the Problems

Save for Orphans

We support orphans as well as their widowed mothers.

Save for Education

Gaining knowledge, getting education is the fundamental right.

Save for Water

Women have to walk miles and miles to get water for drinking.

Save for Food

Throughout the year, we distribute to the needy people worldwide.